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For over 50 years, our family owned and operated company has grown to represent leadership in recycling and sustainability within the communities we serve in Southern California.  As the largest recycler in Los Angeles County, Athens is committed to helping your business and community meet its disposal needs and better the environment through improved waste management.  We offer both residential and commercial recycling services, and Athens is prepared to assist businesses in AB 341 compliance.  Our food and recycle waste programs are state of the art, environmentally friendly solutions that will ensure your business is compliant with the new law in effect 7/1/12.

We offer a variety of State-of-the-Art services, including automated waste and recycling collection, green-waste recycling programs, organics waste composting, special waste transportation, transfer and materials recovery, storage box rentals, and street and parking lot sweeping services in many areas of Southern California.

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Athens Services gives your business an advantage when complying with the new state law for mandatory recycling. The law requires commercial waste generators to implement a recycling program at some point in the near future and Athens ensures that you will have a compliant program.  We allow our customers the convenience of recycling utilizing a single bin. Our advanced Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) enables us to separate recyclables from waste to ensure AB 341 compliance.  As a result, our customers enjoy the benefits of the most convenient, efficient, and economical single bin recycling method. Our computer controlled, state-of-the-art MRF is located in unincorporated Basset near the City of Industry.

In order to continue to provide excellent localized service, we have operational centers in the City of Industry, Sun Valley, Irwindale, Montebello, Riverside, and other locations currently under construction.  You are always welcome to visit our modern facilities and to experience first-hand, our commitment to excellence.  We are fully insured and have dedicated field account representatives to assure your continued satisfaction.

Additionally, you can learn more about the materials we recover from the waste stream with downloadable information available here.

For a free consultation or to further discuss your recycling options, please contact Athens Customer Service at 888-336-6100. If you would like to view our MRF click here.

Athens Services continues to lead the way in recycling and waste removal as California moves toward a more sustainable environment.