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Mandating Commercial & Multi-Family Residential Recycling Expansion

Frequently Asked Questions:

• What is AB 341?
• Is my business AB 341 Compliant?
• Is Athens Services certified AB341 compliant?
• Is “mixed waste processing” comparable to source separation?
• As a business what do I need to do to prepare?
• Is my business required to divert 75% of its waste?
• As a resident, does AB 341 affect me?

What is AB 341 ?

In October 2011, Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 341 – The “Jobs and Recycling Bill” (AB341) into law, setting a 75% recycling goal for California by Year 2020. The Assembly Bill is expected to create new green jobs by expanding upon the existing recycling infrastructure. This landmark piece of legislation requires expansion of recycling services to all commercial and public entities that generate 4 or more cubic yards of solid waste per week, and for those multifamily dwellings of 5 or more units. The recycling mandate includes schools, events, malls, airports, municipal entities, and temporary services. Industrial waste is excluded. Recycling services must be arranged by and following July 1, 2012. State Agency, Cal Recycle has not yet published enforcement strategies per local municipalities.

For details on the recycling services approved by CalRecycle please refer to their website:

Is my business AB 341 compliant?

Yes! If you are serviced by Athens Services you are compliant with AB 341 requirements. For those businesses located in the Franchise Areas, Athens Services is already working with your city to ensure compliance.

Is Athens Services certified AB 341 compliant?

State Agency, CalRecycle requires that all California Jurisdictions create AB341 compliance standards over the next year. Currently neither the Jurisdictions nor the State have created an AB 341 certification. Although, a certification does not exist at this time, Athens Services pledges that they are in full compliance with the requirements of AB 341. Athens Services is an original sponsor of the Assembly Bill and understands the details ensuring its success. We are watching closely the decisions of the Jurisdictions’ in which we service and will provide our clients with up-to-date information as available.
Athens Services provides customers a highly effective solution to recycling and reducing waste to landfill by operating a mixed waste processing facility. Our advanced Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) enables us to separate waste from recyclables to ensure AB 341 compliance. As a result, our customers enjoy the benefits of the most convenient, efficient, and economical single bin recycling method.

Athens Services is a fourth generation, family owned and locally operated recycling and solid waste collection company operating in Southern California since 1957. In anticipation of higher recycling demands, Athens Services opened its first materials recovery facility in 1996 and continues to invest in its recycling infrastructure with two additional facilities in the permitting stages.

Is “mixed waste processing” comparable to source separation?

Yes, Athens Services provides mixed waste processing that yields comparable diversion results and is in full compliance with AB 341. To read how CalRecycle defines comparable please see their FAQs

As a business what do I need to do to prepare?

If your business is contracted with Athens Services there is no preparation necessary. The contents of Athens Services’ bins are processed at their mixed waste processing facility. There is no additional preparation, training, or paperwork to complete. Athens Services does the job for you!

Is my business required to divert 75% of its waste?

“AB 341 does not mandate a diversion goal for businesses - it simply requires that they implement a commercial recycling program.” (CalRecycle, AB 341 FAQs) The 75% statewide recycling goal is not written as a mandate for either the jurisdiction or business.

As a resident, does AB 341 affect me?

No, residents are not affected by AB 341 only business or multifamily units of 5 or more units.


Frequently Asked Questions on AB 341(CalRecycle)

AB341 Legislative Council’s Digest